Team Leader

Make stuff happen on the ground.

  • These courses are the top option if you:

  • Have or are about to have responsibility for a single team, their objectives, the standards they achieve, and the application of resources allocated to you.

  • You have had little or no formal leadership training previously.


acquaint; to become aware of or familiar with something.

Learn the essentials

  • Introduces key principles
  • Shows what the role is about
  • Provides tools for the job


cadre; join a small group of people trained for a special purpose.

An extensive exploration

  • Goes deep into the principles
  • Covers the whole role
  • Develops expert use of tools


expedition; undertake a journey to attain a specific goal.

Conquer your peaks

  • You define the destination
  • We map the terrain
  • Together we define the route and take the journey

Acquaint Courses

These short courses introduce you to key principles of team leading. You’ll learn how to lead teams using the most up-to-date tools and techniques and to identify the ones that work best for you.
Our acquaints are designed so that you can work at your own pace, in your own time, as and when suits you. There are no events to attend or assessments to submit. There are simply opportunities for you to develop and refine your thinking based on what you learn and a framework to enable you to readily apply your ideas within your current role.

You can do just do one or combine them for a broader introduction to leading a team. You’ll receive a certificate of completion when you finish a course.
  • Short, focused courses for you to complete in whichever manner suits you
  • Explore the impact the chosen topic has on various aspects of your team and how you lead it
  • Identify key principles that you should consider in your role as a team leader
  • Utilise the provided framework to enable you to consolidate your thinking
  • Deveop a plan as you progress through the course by which you can apply your ideas within your role to ensure your learning results in actions to improve your team’s performance

Cadre Courses

These are longer courses and cover a wide range of topics in depth. You’ll learn about your personal approach and strengths as a leader, and develop not just your knowledge, but also the skills you need if you are to achieve the heights you’re capable of in the shortest possible time frame.

When you sign up for a cadre course, you also join a network of like-minded people to share ideas and experiences with through online forums and webinars. One-to-one coaching sessions with a mentor will help you apply new skills and ideas specifically to your role, team and department. And as a cadre delegate you automatically belong to the Mojave alumni community, giving you an enduring opportunity to speak with your fellow leaders whenever you want an objective opinion.

  • A comprehensive exploration and consideration of the areas a team leader needs to know well fully realise their potential
  • Webinars, 1-2-1 support sessions and assessments of your submitted work to enable you to benefit from expert feedback and guidance. T
  • All tasks and assessments are designed to enable you to apply your thoughts and conclusions to your role, in your organisation
  • Includes CMI Level 3 accreditation at award, certificate or diploma level*

*The grade of CMI accreditation is decided by the number of elements completed by the delegate

Expedition Courses

Expeditions are our bespoke packages. They are a means by which we delivered tailored support to your organisation’s leaders to address the specific challenges they may be facing, be that managing people, delivering objectives, measuring performance, or anything else.

We use the need to address specific challenges to develop you and your team so that, going forward, you have the knowledge and the confidence to do it yourselves.

It’s effectively training through consultancy, harnessing our expertise to enhance your own.

  • You and your business define the objectives of the Expedition
  • We work with you to develop the plan to meet them in the time frame required
  • Together we ensure your organisation develops the capabilities and confidence it needs to move forward without us
  • CMI qualifications are available depending on the areas to be covered
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