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Leading People

Your key responsibilities as a team leader are to
support, manage, and develop team members. You
set the direction, provide the inspiration, and create
the energy within your team to achieve its goals. So
how can you do all that?

This course provides the answers.
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"When you become a leader, success is all about others"

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How this course will benefit you

On completion of this course you will:
  • Be able to create great relationship within the team
  • Be able to more effectively motivate all members of your team
  • Be clearer as to how to create an environment that best enables high performance to achieve your objectives

How this course will benefit your organisation

On completion of this course your team leader(s) will be better able to:
  • Have greater awareness of factors that influence the performance of their team so that they can remove obstacles to high performance
  • Establish stronger and more powerful relationships with their team so that the team is more responsive to their leadership
  • More effectively develop the capability of members of their team
  • Ultimately increase the capacity, efficiency and effectiveness of your team(s) in meeting their operational objectives
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