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Senior Leader Simulator

Most of the time it’s ‘business as usual’, and that’s what we see of our people and our businesses. Yet it is the times in which our people and our business are challenged that we truly discover just how strong and capable our organisation, our teams and our people are.
The risk to any business is that it is when we most need high-performance from our people that we discover neither they, nor our wider organisation, are ready. No where is this threat more significant than in the senior leadership and Executive layers.

Our Senior Leader Simulator events are designed to help an organisation to:

  • Identify and develop the best talent within their teams and help them to reach their full potential
  • Enhance overall team dynamics to improve performance
  • Test, and identify any gaps or weaknesses in, existing governance, policy and procedures
  • Ensure all team members have sufficient knowledge of the relevant regulation, governance, policy and procedures they would need to operate effectively in their role
  • Test and inform organisational and team resilience and business continuity plans
  • Develop existing plans and/or inform future strategic and operational planning by simulating one or more commercial options or potential events
In short, such events both improve the abilities of every individual and the wider team, identify opportunities to strengthen in place mechanisms and highlight the best options to take the business forward. Not only do such events enhance performance and resilience going forward, but they can provide significant reassurance to Boards and other stakeholders as to the strength of the leadership team, the wider business and its strategic intent.

Our Senior Leader Simulator events include:

  • Initial consultation to develop the aims, concept and design of the event
  • Initial psychometric assessment of and interviews with each individual who will be participating in the event
  • Integration of all relevant, in place governance, policy and procedures
  • A team of qualified facilitators and observers to enable a detailed report for every participant
  • An after-action review/post-mortem of the event held with the leadership team
  • A consolidated report of the performance of the team, strengths and weaknesses to be addressed
  • A report on the performance of each individual participant as a tool to inform their personal professional development

Each event is very much tailored to the client. The number of observers required and the extent of the planning very much depend on the aims of the organisation and the resulting scale and complexity required. As a result, providing a cost prior to consultation is difficult. However, to inform your view as to whether such organisational development represents value for money for you and your business, a basic single day event for a team of 6-8 participants can be expected to cost in the region of £16,225 + VAT (please note, this excludes costs for the conduct of psychometric testing which would be charged separately and is dependent on the number of people to be tested).

So come with us on a journey to emerge with a stronger Seanior Leadership Team.

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Kelly Vasey

Sales and Marketing Director
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Expedition - Mojave Strategy Programme

"After one hour session with Mojave we made more progress than any of the other people we had been introduced to."

How we plan your Expedition 

An Expedition has a clearly defined destination and objective and a selected team of people.
 We’re no different.

Initial enquiry

You submit an enquiry form or simply get in touch outlining the challenges you are seeking support to address.

Discovery session

We have an initial meeting to explore in more detail the challenges you identified, the issues they’re presenting and how we can support you in addressing them in a way that works with your ongoing business activity.

Consultation phase

We provide an initial proposal to you and your team with a recommended way forward based on the outputs from the Discovery Session. We work with you to adjust and refine the proposal until we have an agreed Expedition Plan, including key deliverables.

Expedition start

We start the expedition with you and your team.

Progress meetings

We regularly review our collective progress against the Expedition Plan to ensure we remain on track or to agree whether we need to adjust the plan.

Wrap up

Time for tea and medals after a job well done!  We review the results of the expedition to ensure the required outcomes have been achieved.
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