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Peak Performance Expedition

We offer so much more than a team building experience – we help unlock your business’s progress too.
In business, challenges are inevitable. A team’s ability to respond effectively is what separates the ‘great’ from the ‘good enough’.  Team dynamics play a huge role in this.

The function of our Peak Performance Expeditions is to accelerate a team’s journey to high-performance, enabling them to reach their full potential while solving some of their greatest business challenges.

Peak Performance Expeditions are provided by Mojave Training and Complete Commando Corporate – a perfect match!

Complete Commando Corporate is a group of people, many former Royal Marines, who have lived and passionately believe in the power of immersive, physical experiences to unlock self-belief and potential.

Mojave is a leadership and management training business that believes everyone is more capable than they realise, and ensures people understand the tools they can use to unlock success they may have thought was beyond them.

Together, we form a team of people who believe that by exposing individuals and teams to new environments and challenges, we can unlock the self-belief and team dynamics that are key to high-performance. And then we apply it to your greatest business challenges!
“Effective military operations rely on mutual respect and trust. Lives can depend on your relationship with those around you. 

In business, it’s livelihoods.”
B U I L D  S T R E N G T H  T H R O U G H  C H A L L E N G E


Our mission is to engage teams in unforgettable experiences that are
catalysts for achieving high-performance.

We do this by ensuring our events are:

Platforms for individual growth

Opportunities to achieve improved team dynamics

Create more effective organisational cultures

Explore and resolve at least one of your real world business challenges

Vehicles to high-performance that enables all participants to take tangible outcomes back into your work environment

The Journer

Key Aspects

Immersive team experiences.

For experiences to be immersive, they need to take the participants away from distractions for a sufficient period. As such, all our events are at least over two days requiring one night in joint accommodation.

Communal experiences.

The idea is very much that people are exposed to sides of each other they may not otherwise see. We structure our events to ensure that meals are shared experiences that enable a team to bond. For this reason, we select accommodation that encourages people to be in the same space.

Role allocation.

A key element of building team dynamics is to demonstrate the capability of the team to adapt and the power sometimes hidden in diversity. We always try to mix up the roles of individuals within a team to help illustrate the often obscured capabilities within it. If you’re the leader, we will ask you to step back at some point. And if you’re a junior team member, we may well invite you (and support you) to step up.

‘Safe pressure’.

We aim to help all our participants take the steps to unlock their true potential and emerge stronger, both as individuals and as teams. To do this we will expose individuals to pressurised situations and push them outside of their comfort zone, but always ensuring physical, psychological and sociological safety measures are in place so that ‘taking the leap’ is as easy as possible.

Address a hard problem.

We absolutely believe in the soft skills our events develop, but soft skills are important precisely because they are a tool with which to solve hard problems. Our events are about doing both. So, make sure you let us know what business problem you want to address using the enhanced team dynamics we help you to create.

How we plan your Expedition 

An Expedition has a clearly defined destination and objective and a selected team of people.
 We’re no different.

Initial enquiry

You submit an enquiry form or simply get in touch outlining the challenges you are seeking support to address.

Discovery session

We have an initial meeting to explore in more detail the challenges you identified, the issues they’re presenting and how we can support you in addressing them in a way that works with your ongoing business activity.

Consultation phase

We provide an initial proposal to you and your team with a recommended way forward based on the outputs from the Discovery Session. We work with you to adjust and refine the proposal until we have an agreed Expedition Plan, including key deliverables.

Expedition start

We start the expedition with you and your team.

Progress meetings

We regularly review our collective progress against the Expedition Plan to ensure we remain on track or to agree whether we need to adjust the plan.

Wrap up

Time for tea and medals after a job well done!  We review the results of the expedition to ensure the required outcomes have been achieved.

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Expedition - Mojave Strategy Programme

"After one hour session with Mojave we made more progress than any of the other people we had been introduced to."
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