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How to be a great leader and manager and to achieve success in your career and your business.

Club Overview
An exclusive CuratED podcast series by Mojave Training, exploring lessons and ideas on how to be a great leader and manager and to achieve success in your career and your business. Hosted on SkillDing, this series transcends traditional podcast listening, turning inspiration into tangible action.
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What's included?

  •  Actionable Insights
  • Connect & Collaborate
  • Tailored Learning Path

Why CuratED

You choose a time and a place to deliberately practise something, set it and forget it. We will remind you 10 minutes before you are due to do it. It might be an important presentation, a sales conversation or a difficult conversation you need to have with someone.

CuratED Groups for Mojave Training

How does it work?


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Deliberate Practice

Select a time and place to deliberately practise something you have heard in an episode. We’ll remind you 10 minutes before your chosen practice time. It could be preparing for a crucial presentation, a sales pitch, or a challenging conversation.

After Practicing

After your session or meeting, we’ll prompt you to reflect on your efforts. The real learning occurs when you quietly contemplate how it went. You can chalk it up as experience or try again. Share your experience with anyone who might benefit, like your manager, friend, or a podcaster. Alternatively, keep it private until the end of time!
Meet the instructor


At SkillDing, we believe that true, deep learning arises from a cycle of understanding, remembering, and deliberate practice.

Unlock the Power of Soft Skills Training with SkillDing 

To get true, deep learning from your newly acquired knowledge, you must Understand, Remember, and Deliberately Practice it. Whether it’s a training session, eLearning, mentoring, or a podcast, we guide you to not just consume knowledge but to apply it effectively in real-world scenarios.
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